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talk to usYou can have an eye-catching web page design will showcase your company and services. When you can choose serva as your website design firm.

There are no website set up fees, you simply subscribe to a monthly payment plan you choose and it will cover your website design and initial web development.

A question we often get asked:
My brother in law, my nephew, a friend says that they can design my site for free or at least a lot cheaper then your company. Why shouldn’t I just let them design it?

Would most people be able to prepare and examine financial records, manage staff salaries etc., for a large business?
Most people can do math and there are several programs out there to help you, but if you’re honest, the answer would be no, there’s more involved to it.
Simply ask yourself if the person offering to create your website has:

  • Graphic Design training and years of design experience
  • Knowing how to get sites to rank well on Google
  • Comprehensive knowledge of available CMS programs
  • Dedication and business reputation

Your website is like buying a car. You can find a used car for $300! It may even get you where you’re going, but you know it will eventually need repairs and probably gallons of oil to keep it on the road. You will spend more time and money getting that car fixed than if you had simply bought a more reliable one in the first place.

So, if you care about how much new business your website will bring you, have it designed professionally and save a load of time, money and hassle.


It doesn’t matter if you have an existing website or are in the process of creating a new one, serva can provide copy-writing services. Copy-writing is creating web copy, or articles, for your website or blog. We can develop relevant articles specific to your site, and these articles will help boost your site’s traffic, placement and revenue.

servahosting-servaWeb copy works best if it is optimized for your site’s keywords and target audience. Before we create articles for your site, we analyze the demographics of your site’s target audience. This helps us create copy that is relevant and interesting for your visitors so they are more likely to read your content and share it with their friends.


We also identify your site’s target keywords. These terms are what visitors use in search engines to find your site. By optimizing copy for target keywords, visitors will find your site in an online search. Optimized articles are more likely to rank high in Google and other search engines, so you will gain traffic. The increase in traffic will often lead to more sales.


There are numerous reasons why, but perhaps the number one reason is TIME!

  • Hiring our professional writers leaves you more time to run your business and perform other business related tasks. Writing the same amount of articles by yourself would take several hours, and that is time that you can spend expanding your business or doing other tasks that you simply cannot outsource.
  • serva is experienced in copywrighting, so we have excellent writing skills and grammar. We’ll study the latest trends in technology and web development, and use this knowledge to create articles for your site.
  • We will identify the best keywords based on your website and traffic. We will select several keyword variations that will help you gain valuable search engine traffic.
  • The articles will be written so that they are optimized for search engines. Search engine optimization includes several elements that make the page more likely to rank in Google, Bing or Yahoo search, but they include keyword density. We know how to optimize an article for the web, so you are more likely to rank high in searches for your target keywords.
  • We provide copywriting services based on the tone of your website and your audience. Some websites and businesses call for a formal speech, but others require conversational tone. The right style and tone is important because it lets your visitors know that you are in touch with them and connect with them.